Originally built in 1922 as a venue for silent movies and live entertainment, nearly 100 years later The Mounds Theatre brings the same spirit to the Dayton’s Bluff area.

St. Paul’s beautiful historic theatre offers a variety of fine entertainment. Whether you want to catch a fantastic play, enjoy a musical performance, dance or even rent the space for your own private event—our welcoming neighborhood spot is a place to call your own.


Fearless 5 is an evening of 5 one act plays around a chosen theme. The plays are written by 5 different playwrights/playwriting teams, with 5 different directors and an ensemble of actors with different roles in each one.

This year’s theme is “Mythology” and our playwrights cover everything from Unicorns to the Cthulhu Mythos in funny and creative ways.
This year’s plays are:
Myth Perceptions by Bob Alberti and Suzanne Becker, Directed by Jenn Jensen
Emergency Meeting at the End of the World by Blair Kott, Directed by Hedy Rand-McKay
Mr. Cthuhlu’s R’ylehood by Bryce Kalal, directed by Salsa Sterling
MythTrial by James Fairbairn, directed by Jim Louis
An Incident in 1566 by Matthew Kessen, directed by Cassie Liberkowski

Have you ever wondered what the actors in the backgrounds of musicals are going through? Meet Bernice and Betty, and the rest of the ensemble of “Hills of Love”.

A Funny, cute, and heartwarming musical of why these actors do what they do.
Written by the playwright/composer who brought you the Minnesota Fringe Award Winning “Next: The Musical (A Sidekick Story) – Angela Fox

Directed by Garrick Dietze, the director who brought you other shows directed around the twin cities. He might have a participation trophy in something.

Performances are:
April 28, 29 (Fri Sat) – 7:30pm
May 1 (Mon) – 7:30pm
May 5, 6 (Fri, Sat) – 7:30pm
May 7 (Sun) – 2:00pm
May 11 (Thu) 7:30pm
May 12, 13 (Fri Sat) – 7:30pm