Originally built in 1922 as a venue for silent movies and live entertainment, nearly 100 years later The Mounds Theatre brings the same spirit to the Dayton’s Bluff area.

St. Paul’s beautiful historic theatre offers a variety of fine entertainment. Whether you want to catch a fantastic play, enjoy a musical performance, dance or even rent the space for your own private event—our welcoming neighborhood spot is a place to call your own.


A Klingon fears he is too great a warrior to die in battle and will instead die of old age. Q leads him on a journey through his life in this mixture of Star Trek and holiday classics. Directed by Jason Kruger and featuring a large cast of talented local Klingons, it’s sure to be a lot of fun.

The show is presented primarily in Klingon with projected English titles.

Written by Bill Stiteler, Tim Wick, Tim Uren, and Brian Watson-Jones, with music by Angela Fox and translation by Chris Lipscombe.

Sam and Viv’s mother was always full of surprises, leaving the biggest surprise months after her passing. Sam receives a notice about an apartment rented by her eccentric mother for years. Neither the sisters, nor Hannah, their best friend from childhood, have any idea why Sam and Viv’s mother would need a separate apartment, or why they’d never heard anything about it. Together, they hope their memories, and their powers of observation can unwrap “The Mystery of the Bungalow Loft”.

Fearless Comedy Productions is excited to present this heartfelt and funny mystery play written by Shanan Custer. Directed and produced by Dawn Krosnowski and featuring the acting talents of Jen Scott, Ambrosia Jasmine Webb, Angela Fox, and Sarah Broude.