“It’s an Honorable Life” features performances by Ryan Voss (he/him) as Bailey, a Klingon cursed with a curious inability to die an honorable death and reach Stovokor; his spouse Mary, played by Dawn Krosnowski (she/her), who is both supportive and challenging in equal measures; and the mysterious Q, as portrayed by Tim Uren (he/him), a seemingly antagonistic, omnipotent god who just loves a project. Q serves as Bailey’s guide through his life, playing out hypotheticals at varied stages of his warrior past, exploring all the possible outcomes of his never-to-be hero’s death.
“It’s an Honorable Life” is performed in both Klingon and English, with English supertitles provided so those not fluent in Klingon can easily follow along. The show is suitable for a wide range of audiences but includes simulated violence, including between performers of all genders.
Patrons are invited and encouraged to wear their Klingon, Federation, or other appropriate uniforms. This original production was written by Bill Stiteler, Brian Watson-Jones, Tim Uren, and Tim Wick, and includes references both popular and obscure, right down to the costume details.
Performances will take place throughout December. Dec 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23 at 7:30pm and Dec 10, and 17 at 2:30pm. Masking is requested during performances while not actively eating or drinking.
Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made production. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures. All ticket revenues, minus fees and costs, are donations to the Mounds Theatre Company, a volunteer operated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Angela Fox
(Music Director/Choreographer) is an actor/singer/dancer/choreographer with such theater companies as the Jungle Theater and Artistry and is a core member of Fearless Comedy Productions. Angela is a published composer specializing in educational music for voice and piano and musical theater, including the award winning “Next: The Musical (A Sidekick Story)” and “No Small Parts”. For more information about Angela check out www.angelafoxmusic.com

Jen Johnsen
(ZuZu) is thrilled to be part of Its an Honorable Life for the second time. My passion and nerdery for Star Trek began in syndication in the mid 90s with The Original Series and grew louder with each new Trek released since. By day, I am Executive Assistant at the Children’s Theatre Company. When not acting, I can be found with Husband and Child building LEGO creations or on a jog. Special thanks to Brian and Franklin; my happy thoughts.

Dawn Krosnowski
(Mary, Dance/Music Captain) Depending upon your level of nerd (which is probably high since you came to this show), you may know Dawn from CONvergence. She voices and puppeteers the mascots, Connie and MKII. Dawn joined this wonderful Klingon insanity back in 2010 and has been playing as either the vulcan or Q ever since. This year, Dawn is very excited to earn her first set of ridges! And finally play a Klingon! And hit other Klingons! Dawn feels privileged to collaborate with such a dedicated group of people who work so hard to create this production yearly. Their commitment to this project and their genuine care and love for one another is why Dawn considers this group her winter holiday chosen family. Need more Dawn? www.DawnKrosnowski.com FOR THE HONOR OF THE EMPIRE!!!

Jason Kruger
(Gronch) has, so far, been involved in every production of “It’s an Honorable Life”, directing twice and a cast member the last two years. He is honored to contribute to the glory of the Klingon Empire. When not wearing ridges, Jason works as a substitute teacher at Lionsgate Academy, Shoreview. Jason is also artistic director of Fearless Comedy Productions, a non-profit comedy production company, and has been a co-producer of The Monday Night Comedy Show for 14 years.

James Ruth
(Young Bailey) is a recent transplant Twin Cities, excited to become part of its ever-exploding arts scene. Past productions: “The Portrait of Juan Rana” (UCLA), “Talking Into the Future” (SITI Company), “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” (Julliard), “Frog and Toad” (Penn State). Upcoming projects include “Little House on the Prairie” (Lakeshore Players) and “The Portrait” (Marzipanik Presents). James is floored with the support his partner Rachael provides as she joins him here in the snow. BFA Acting, Towson University. www.jamesruth.com

Laura Thurston
(Wainright) has been keeping the holidays Klingon since 2007 with “A Klingon
Christmas Carol” and is excited to be part of this year’s production of “It’s an Honorable Life”. She has appeared in various roles over the years. She’s also provided language instruction for all of the Klingon
shows and is very happy to increase the number of Klingon speakers in the Twin Cities. Laura loves performing, and is also a huge language nerd. Her hobbies include role-playing games and painting fantasy miniatures. Special thanks to all the awesome people in this cast and from previous shows! Hee Haw!

Becky Trask
(Max/Ambassador) is very happy to be living her Star Trek dream for her first adventure in acting! When she isn’t exploring the galaxy in a Bird of Prey, she works in an emergency department as a nurse. She has immeasurable gratitude for her amazing coworkers who helped maneuver her schedule into battle position for this play, and her wonderful husband Michael for being the best Number One a girl could have.

Ryan Voss
(Bailey) is thrilled to be donning the ridges again for a fifth year of keeping the holidays Klingon. A former stagehand, he stumbled in front of the curtain in 2012 and has been acting ever since, and was most recently found at Theater In The Round’s “Sherwood.” When not on stage, he does inadvisable things with electricity, lumber, and bees. He would like to thank his partner Loren for his truly amazing love, guidance, and support, and their rambunctious new kitten for constantly reminding him what it means to be a warrior.

Brian Watson-Jones
(Harry, Shermy, Sibling, Fight Captain) tried to stay out of it this year, he really did, but here we are. He was a part of the first Klingon holiday play performance in 2007, and has been part of the show on and off ever since, including helping to write this one in 2019. If he looks familiar, perhaps you saw him in the Minnesota Fringe Festival (“Fringe Orphans” 1-4, “The Bisexual Unicorn and Other Mythological Creatures”, “Slices”), or he chased you around the Haunted Basement (part of the Haunt since 2010, performer in “Ted’s Talk” at the Twin Cities Horror Festival 2022), or it might be a coincidence. If his writing sounds familiar, perhaps you saw one of his works with Tedious Brief Productions (“Bard Fiction”, “Tempests”, “Mead Hall”), Fearless Comedy (“Masquerade at Bernard’s”), or enjoyed an episode or two of Ghost Wax (a horror anthology podcast that just wrapped up its first season, and is barreling towards an excursion to 1910). He’d like to thank Emily, who took becoming a theater widow last-minute with good humor, and Nameless the cat, who sniffed at him while he was writing this bio.

Jared Reise (Patty) 

Gillian Chan (Young Potter) 

Kelvin Hatle (Franklin) 

Lana Rosario (Narrator) 

Tim Uren (Q) 

Mickaylee Shaughnessey (Frieda) 

Ambrosia Webb (Potter)

Interested in Star Trek? Interested in stage combat? Interested in learning a new language?

Auditions are open for The Mounds Theater’s annual Star Trek fan production of “It’s an Honorable Life”. Which, basically, it’s a Wonderful Life, with Klingons. Directed by Garrick Dietze.

All roles are open.

All roles are stipended (based on box office revenue).


Auditions: Aug 18, 19
Callbacks: Aug 20, 21
First day of rehearsal :  Sun Oct 8 (TBD based on conflicts of cast)
Range of rehearsal hours: 6:30pm (earliest)-9:30pm (latest) weeknights, weekends no earlier than 10am, no later than 9pm. Tech 6:30pm until 10:30pm if necessary
Tech begins: Nov 26 – Nov 30
First preview: Previews TBD  
Opening: Dec 1
Closing: Dec 23
Days/times of planned performances:Performances Dec 1, 2, 8, 9, 10 (mat), 15, 16, 17 (mat), 22, 23
Performance venue: Historic Mounds Theatre, St. Paul, Mn
Post Mortem meeting:  Wed Jan 3rd