Spectacular Service Dog Fundraiser & 20 Year Party

June 16 - 16, 2017

Spectacular Service Dog Fundraiser & 20 Year Party

If you want to watch me explain what’s happening (it’s funny) watch this, if not, just read below. https://youtu.be/ZYnMBSgz6PA

NO DOOR FEE. Come and enjoy the party, enjoy the bar, buy stuff in the auction, maybe get a picture taken, dance to a great DJ, etc….. I guarentee I’ll be running around taking pictures, which will probably posted later on Facebook so you can yoink them.

DJ: PFunkus

Emcee: The most badass Foxy Tann

Pop-up Performers: Switchblade Sideshow (circus sideshow), Pouty Petals (burlesque), Luna Rouge (bellydancing) Tre Da Marc (burlesque) Hussy Hautepants (burlesque) Amunet Omorose(burlesque) Lady Wolf (burlesque) Moonshine Matinee (she won’t tell me what she’s doing)

Silent Auction: **YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN**
-2x2ft framed photo of Foxy Tann by Dread Naught Photography (was in a worldwide tour with See:Me 2015) (value $800)
– framed photo of Iva Handful (from Seattle) during Grown & Sexy PRIDE (value $300)
– huge Supernatural banner of Mark Sheppard (Crowley), autographed (value $500)
-Starry Night corset, framed (value $300)
– acupuncture session
– 2 60 minute dog massages from Paws Fur Massage ($120 value)
-Smitten Kitten gift basket (value $90)
-2 tickets to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with 2 books of food vouchers ($75 value)
– A framed collection of the three pictures that hung in the Louvre from DNP (signed if you want them)
– 16×20 canvas print from local nature photographer David Riewe (value $100)
– Far North spirits is donating an Autographed signature box complete with a 750 of their rye whiskey and a 750 of vodka (value $125)
– Two paintings of IronMan and Black Widow by Allie Keogh
– 2 VIP tickets to Bippy’s Burlesque at Camp Bar (any month)
– A HUGE crocheted Totoro doll (see photos)
– 2 pieces of beautiful photography from Renie Shoberg (see pics)
– FIX YOUR HOUSE! A room painting/furniture restoration session from Cassie and 2 hours of yardwork from Dianna
– A beautiful salt fired, one of a kind, clay bottle from Nancy Johnson (value $100)
– 3 free rides from DDI (value $95 each)
– A personalized signed copy of Pipe and Pestle by Joe Weinberg (and Stacy). Will be the only one ever signed by Stacy.
– A collection of four prints (11×14) from Oneiros Imaging/Nathanael England (value $200)

We will also have a Donation box with envelopes if you want to just donate. We will also be able to take credit cards (for donations, auctions, whatever).

Bar: the Mounds has a selective bar and non-alcoholic drinks (cash/credit bar)
*DDI will be offering $10 off rides from this event, so drink safely.

What the hell is going on here???


20 years ago (end of May) I escaped the House, where I was held captive for 2 years. I walked out with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Panic disorder, and Agoraphobia. But I survived. I survived 20 bloody years, baby! It’s been hard, and I feel like I should get to celebrate that I made it. So that’s the good part.

The bad part: it’s an everyday struggle, and many of the issues that make up the PTSD can’t be cured, despite years of ongoing therapy. But they can be managed. What would really help is a service dog, but those cost at least $20k. I can’t work because of the triggers, and so I had to ask for help. Thus, the fundraiser part of the party. Anything and everything helps me get closer to Lucy (the dog) and back to living a more normal life.

Indiegogo Link: https://www.generosity.com/medical-fundraising/help-this-survivor-get-a-ptsd-service-dog/x/372741


1029 Hudson Road
Saint Paul, MN 55106


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