2020 Fundraiser

January 1 - December 31, 2019

2020 Fundraiser

The Mounds Theatre is supporting the arts on the East Side of Saint Paul, and we need some help. Massive renovations were done from 2000-2003 and our major systems that were installed then are showing showing their age.

A generous grant from the City of Saint Paul allowed us to upgrade some of the theatrical systems and increase the building security, and we were able to replace one of the smaller furnaces that had been out of service for several years. Unfortunately, the second small furnace is only parly functional, and we’re told the large one is on its last legs. The roof, marquee, carpet, and hydraulic lift all need attention, and we could use a visit from an electrician to deal with some lighting/dimmer switch issues. We would LOVE someone who is a professional in any of those or related fields to volunteer their time and talents, but failing that, we know these services do not come cheap.

We’ve created a fundraising page through our online ticketing company, Vendini, it’s available HERE and at the “Ticket” link below. You can even set up a recurring donation, if you so desire!

If you’re in a giving mood and planning to shop on Amazon.com, use the Mounds Theatre Link to get there, and we’ll receive a small percentage of whatever you spend, at no cost to you!

If you prefer to donate physical things, here is an Amazon wishlist with items the theater could use. Please contact the theatre to arrange delivery, or if you have something else you think we might need!



1029 Hudson Road
Saint Paul, MN 55106


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